BME Provides Open Source Model of ZalaZONE Proving Ground

March 30th, 2021 | by Marius Dupuis

(1 min read)

One reality in different formats (Image by BME Automated Drive Lab)

BME Automated Drive Lab shares a free HD map and valuable models in different file formats for simulation software tools: IPG CarMaker PreScan, VIRES VTD, SUMO, Unity 3D and Unreal. Visit their blog post for more details.

This open source data model (available on of the real-world proving ground in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary, is a great contribution to a shared data pool for geo-specific data. Making the model available to a large community enables other users to concentrate on their specific use cases without a need to measure the basics again and again. This encompasses the very idea we are promoting in the Our Mission section of our initiative.

A big thanks to BME. And all others: feel encouraged to follow this example!

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